Hydraulic pumps, motors & parts

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    We specialize in
Bearing Pumps & Motors

P/M21, P/M31, P/M51, P/M75

Bushing Pumps

P330 & P350

Dump Pumps
Flow Dividers
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    Provide HWI BRAND

    We provide our customers with HWI BRAND
    hydraulic pumps & motors as well as replacement parts.

  • Gear

    We are able to convert several hydraulic gear pump
    & motor codes including Commercial® & Permco®.

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    We can also build pumps & motors to your specifications.

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    Friendly staff

    We have a friendly, knowledgeable staff waiting to hear from you.

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    Special Feature

    Through CNC programming we are capable of engraving your company name on our pumps & motors.

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